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Eliza Lopes - The cutest bridesmaid at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding

Published on 5/1/2011 11:59 pm by Mercury

After the Royal wedding, we can find comments highly praise the bridesmaid who also wore Alexander McQueen.

Kate Middleton’s younger sister - Pippa Middleton(full name : Philippa Charlotte Middleton).

People even try to couple Pippa with Prince Harry.

But I personally can’t take my eyes off 3-year old Eliza Lopes, granddaughter of Camilla.

When arrived at Westminster Abbey, she kept holding the flower ring over her head.

Eliza waved to people when she was leaving Westminster Abbey by car.

Holding by Prince of Wales at Balcony, Buckingham Palace.

Eliza’s mother, Laura Lopes felt especially nervous about her cute little daughter being the bridesmaid.

“Not for Eliza — she is too young to understand really — but I am terrified she will get half-way down the aisle and then go, ‘I need a poo’.” - Laura said.

Not only Laura, Eliza’s grandmother Camilla is also helping Eliza prepare for the role - by reading her a popular cautionary tale.

‘I’ve got a wonderful granddaughter called Eliza and her favourite book is Angelina Ballerina and she dresses up as Angelina every day’, Camilla said.

The plot of Angelina And The Royal Wedding may not be the best example for Eliza, as the character is so busy dancing she forgets she is a bridesmaid and almost misses the big day.

But Eliza done well as a bridesmaid, at least she didn’t let the ring fall or had to go for poo.

I think she deserved the cutest bridesmaid in this big wedding.


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